KISS Edition Collection

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Do you want to Rock n' Roll all night and party everyday? Well now you can with this special edition KISS collection of Toasters. This collection comes with a custom made Wall Mounted Skateboard display that will shine light on each individual pair. Display Gene and the gang with your remote controlled LED lights to showcase to your friends and family your love of the greatest band to walk the earth. Each pair was individually painted and comes inside it own custom Toaster Can Case so you can wear your art on your face and safely store it away when you want to display them at home. Turn your collectible art into apparel with this limited edition of quality ray blockers form Toaster.  



-Custom Painted Frames
-Custom Can Case
-UV 400 Lens
-Spring Hinge
-Custom Painted Wall Mounted Skateboard Display
-USB Rechargeable Power Bank
-LED Light Display w/ Remote 
-Magnetic Shelving




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