We have traveled through time to bring you shades that are hand painted with detail, depth of color and all of your favorite characters in time. We wanted to make something different that would help people express themselves. If we spread creativity and inspire people to make art, creative ideas can save the world from a dystopia. Technology is growing so fast that we want to keep its limits in check so we can live along side it and not let it fall into the wrong hands.



Founder of Toaster. From Massachusetts and started brand in SLC, UT. Background in graphics, web design and animation. Passionate about creating jobs and growing sports and activities for upcoming generations.


Mike is the co-founder of Toaster. With a well developed background in street art and murals, Mike brings his eye for brilliant design concepts and attention to detail to every hand painted pair of shades. When Mike isn't making shades, he's usually off the grid interacting with nature soaking up inspiration for his next masterpiece.